Friday, January 21, 2011

She's Back

Remember that really cute handmade blueberry pop tart iPod case I won for my Droid Incredible?  And that adorable cupcake pin?  These.

Well, although Alycia a/k/a the author of The Curious Pug kept blogging, she'd taken a hiatus from producing items for her shop.  Well, I follow the blog and saw her announcement the other day... her shop is back open!  It's on Etsy, and it's full of adorable felt cozies and brooches.  Look!


And each case has a handy pocket on the back for your earbuds... or headset if you're using it for a cell phone like I do.

Lots of different brooches, too.

Check her out!

1 comment:

lilmamad said...

I love her stuff it's so awesome! :) I sense a shopping spree coming up.....:P

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