Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Product & a Pre-Sale!

Reef Botanicals will soon be offering its own Buzz Off Insect Repellent!  It will come in 8 oz atomizer bottles, like these:

It also will, of course, be chock full of 100% natural goodness... that mosquitoes hate.  Fully of nifty essential oils like citronella, lemon, lavender, clove, basil, and cypress, together with several others, it'll smell great, be Deet-and-other-poison-free, and keep those little vampires we know as mosquitoes at bay!

I've been using 100% natural insect repellent for some time now, and love it.  It works well and I don't feel all dirty and slimy and like I need a shower because I've got poison on my skin.  I'm not afraid to use it on kids or even spray it straight into my face (eyes closed, of course) because I know it won't harm me.

So... because we've just ordered the additional essential oils and bottles, and because while we were at it we also had to order our scrub tubs that house the Purity Makeup Brush Soap, we've decided to host a pre-sale.  Through midnight EST on July 4, 2013, both Buzz Off and Purity tubs are 15% off!

Check 'em out & enjoy!


Wanna see what they look like?

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