Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Part Sixty-Nine

You've met this week's artist before, here, here, and here, but it's been quite a while, so let's see what Sandi's been up to over at iKnitQuiltSew!

Well, when she's not off with her husband in some remote high-mountain meadow trying to catch dinner in one of the many streams, creeks, or ponds near where they live in Utah, she's been busy!

Still knitting... headbands, cowls, booties, infant hats, receiving blankets, and a new line of wash/discloths...

Still sewing her amazing dolls, bears, and now pincushions!

And still quilting... for kids and now for adults too!  I love the amazing wall hanging that would be so great over the couch in a living room.

Be sure to keep up with her on her blog too.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And Another

My mom was so impressed with the bunny I made for my cousin's daughter, that she decided my nephew has to have one as well.

Well, this Saturday he will.

As frustrating as these are to make when I'm doing it (getting those puffy legs and arms and the long ears to stay nicely inside while I sew the body together is a trip and a half) and as much as I get things wrong when I'm tired and should quit for the night (like sewing the ears onto the inside instead of outside and having to take them off and start again - my seam ripper really is my best friend), I think they're so cute and really worth it in the end.


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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've been busy!

First... I finished the scarf order, and am planning to meet up with my customer to deliver it, since he's local.

Then, I started on the gifts for two first birthdays.  My cousin's daughter just turned one and her party was today.  In addition to a beautifully illustrated big book of nursery rhymes, Eric and I got her my very favorite children's book, The Sneetches & Other Stories, by Dr. Seuss.

If you've never read it, with or without kids... read it.  It's worth the time.  There are several stories, each with a message, but the great thing about Seuss is that, in addition to his brilliant rhyme and beautiful talent for illustration, he never beat you over the head with the moral of the story.  When he died, we lost a hell of a talent.

Besides those, I couldn't let a birthday go by without making something for her.  So I made her one of my knitted mice and this adorable stuffed bunny.  I found the tutorial here.

I was so glad to have a use for the feminine fabrics; I'd won them intending to try a quilt that's just never going to happen.  They were perfect for this bunny, though.

The other first birthday was that of Eric's best friend's son; the party was yesterday.  So he got a mouse too, in dark blue, the same great book of nursery rhymes, Eric's favorite childhood book, A Fish Out of Water, and this cute penguin I made.

It's funny that my favorite is a Dr. Seuss and although Eric's favorite book was not actually written by Dr. Seuss, it's one of Seuss' Beginner Books series.

Now?  Now I'm working on another stuffed bunny for my nephew; when my mom saw my cousin's daughter's she insisted Avery needs one too.  It's in progress!

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