Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meet Harmony the Hippo!

Harmony is 100% designed and knitted by me, so you won't find her anywhere else in the world!  This is my second animal scarf, the first was Daffy the Dinosaur, of course.  For both, I started the design with an idea in my head and some graph paper, choosing the type of pattern I'd want for the "skin," and deciding on features.

Where Daffy got pointed teeth, a spiny back, and brow ridges, Harmony's got square teeth, a tongue, and ears.

Both of these personality-filled accessories are made of 100% soft washable wool that won't felt, so it's completely OK if the children who own them get them a bit grubby on occasion.  In a beautiful grey, Harmony's a great neutral to go with any coat and keep someone warm.

I design my animal scarves with a bottom jaw so they've got potential to become a toy and companion as well as a scarf.  Bet you wouldn't have to convince a kid to bundle up the way my mom had to do with me if Harmony's around.

Both animal scarves can be found in Fabric of my Mind's "Imagination Safari."

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