Sunday, November 28, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Part Thirty-One

Now this is fortuitous.  My spotlight this week is on an artist I mentioned in last week's spotlight and featured back in May:  Sandi Levy of iKnitQuiltSew.  So let's see what she's been up to since May, shall we?

Well, for starters she no longer has just an Etsy shop, but also a Handmade Artists shop, just one more opportunity to shop for her wonderful things!  She's also started a Facebook fan page, where you can get the latest news on everything in her shop and what she's doing.

She also now offers - get this - a baby gift registry in her Etsy shop!  Isn't that the most phenomenal idea?  Instructions on how to choose your registry items are here.

You know, I love the handmade community.  Most are such a giving bunch, but Sandi is truly generous.  Not only did she create a terrific bear specifically to donate as a prize for the HAF contest, but she even gives away her self-learned secrets.  On her blog, she's got a tutorial on making a log cabin quilt block!  Since I started sewing and may be trying my hand at some simple quilts, I could see using that tutorial.  She makes it look so easy!

It's the exact opposite of her bears, which look like they wouldn't be easy at all to make.  I'll leave those masterpieces to her, the expert.

I love those smiling furry faces!


trusk4u said...

Terrific post! I just love her adorable bears!♥

Anonymous said...

So many gorgeous things. I wanna hug those bears!

lilmamad said...

I love the bears, they are just too sweet!

briskmamma said...

Nice post. I did not know about the tutorial on making a log cabin quilt block. Thank you for sharing with us.

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