Sunday, November 21, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Part Thirty

The artist spotlights are back!  This week, though, instead of featuring a single artist I'll be featuring for you the Handmade Artists Forum, which actually does it's best to feature tons of other artists and handmade artisans.  It's really a blog that anyone interested in handmade should be following.

Right now, they're running a contest featuring items inspired by pieces of music.  I didn't enter this one, but you can bet I voted and commented!  See, one commenter actually has a chance at winning $25 to anything in the HAFshops and this awesome teddy bear created by IKnitQuiltSew.

You can all go vote, but don't any of you comment, though.  I want that bear!  And there are so many things I want in the HAFshops, I could really use the money too.

For instance, I could use it toward this amazing bracelet I've been drooling over, from the shop of Chainmaille by MBOI.

Or I could get this gorgeous wire wrapped necklace from Makin the Best of It.

My nephew's birthday is in December, and I'd love for him to have this adorable mobile from IKnitQuiltSew in addition to that bear!

Meanwhile, heading back to the HAF blog, you can learn about these and other artists, like the ones who've created these...

Doesn't that make you insanely curious?  Doesn't it make you drool?  So go check it all out!


iKnitQuiltSew said...

What a great article - HAF rocks! Don't know what I did for advice, friendship and support before I found it!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, even as a member I haven't seen some of this work. I need to look around more closely.

trusk4u said...

HAF rocks in every way! THE greatest bunch of people and all so talented!! Very happy to be part of the group!

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