Sunday, January 2, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Part Thirty-Five

Oh wow, do I have some cute stuff to show you today!  Briskmama, the holder of a degree in computer science, was born in Dubrovnik.  After growing up in a small town, and spending time on the beach swimming and playing, she moved to Zagreb to finish university, met her husband, and stayed in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Her grandmother and mother taught her how to knit, embroider, and sew, and boy did they do a good job imparting their knowledge.

She's still got the holiday spirit with the ornaments above and these adorable reusable Christmas gift bags.  I say check out her products and stock up for next year!

If you've had enough of the holidays, she's got some great embroidered totes.

On her blog, you'll find tutorials for sewing, as well as some insanely amazing recipes from this avid cook.

Honestly, I think her photography is enough to make me want to follow her blog.

Speaking of her photography, she sells that too, in her Etsy shop.

If you'd prefer her art prints, a result of her passions for drawing and computers, those are there too, and they're adorable.

How awesome is her vintage style?


CraftyMama said...

Wow, talk about a woman of many talents!

Melinda said...

Those biscuits with chocolate look so yummy! I can't cook, can't sew so I greatly admire those who can. Very talented!

Melinda said...

I looked at her recipie for the biscuits (scones) now I just need to translate the amounts into american, lol. But I'm given this one a try, they look too good not to.

trusk4u said...

Super article! I love her blog too-so fun! She's such a talented woman!

jewelrybyjanelle50 said...

Great blog post, Briskmama is very talented!

Me Sweet said...

Wonderful post about a talented lady. Thanks for sharing with us :)

briskmamma said...

Wow, what a super article. Thank you for so many lovely words.

Anne-Marie said...

What a crafty woman. Her embroidery is too cute!

twiddletoes said...

She has so many great projects and does so well at them all!

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