Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attention to Detail

I pay attention and notice things.  Little things that are really big things.  And when I won a contest at The Rikrak Studio, and had as my prize a credit toward any item in any of that blog's sponsor's shops, I noticed these.

Sterling silver and garnet, a few inches long, and absolutely gorgeous.  When I was in high school in the '80s, I had a penchant for "shoulder duster" earrings, and my limit was that they couldn't be longer than my hair.  Though I'm now 40 and have a day job as a lawyer, I haven't really given that up, except that my limit now that my hair is much longer is that earrings should be above my shoulders.  These fit the bill, and though they're long, I feel like I could still wear them to work because they are so finely made.  There's really no other way to put it.

They arrived in a pretty organza bag on an earring card.

The shop is Zion Shore, and out of all the sponsor shops, this one stuck in my head.  She uses gemstones like these, as well as rubies, amethyst, pearls, citrine, and others to create her beautiful jewelry.

And so far, I've worn them two days in a row... Friday night to a play and Saturday night to go out with several girlfriends.

How great does that look?  And about the attention to detail... I have a lot of dangly earrings, a lot of earrings with hooks rather than posts.  These are very light, and there could be a worry that they'd work their way out of my ears and be lost.  Well, the artist has thought of that.

Included on each earring is a backer, so there's no danger of losing them.  I love that, and that's exactly the attention to detail I mean.

Wanna know something even cooler?  The Rikrak Studio, a beautiful blog you should be following anyway, is running another contest just like the one I won!  It's open through January 31, so go enter!


The Soap Sister said...

Those are lovely! One advantage to having a LONG neck (like mine) is you can wear LONG earrings. They look great -very unique! :)

CraftyMama said...

Super cute earrings! I am following that blog now and entered the contest. I love any excuse to do a little online window shopping! ;)

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