Saturday, January 1, 2011

I really have to get used to writing 2011?

I love New Year's Eve.  I love starting fresh every year and having a marking point where I can tell myself, "OK, now is the time to do... whatever."  I hate having to remember to write the new year on checks and stuff.  I know for the first month, at least, everything will be written as January 2010, crossed out, and rewritten as 2011.

Geez, 2011 is even weird to type right now.

I guess I should give it more than a day, huh?

So... it's January, and I've got that January quilt kit to try.  I pulled it out, since I figure I should get it done and hang it before the month is over, yes?

Especially since I also have the February one, and would want to hang that one come February.

Why did no one tell me that quilting involves ironing?  I hate ironing!  So I pulled out the kit, pulled out the pattern and fabric, read the instructions... and came here to write this.  I have not yet ironed the fabric.

I guess I should have known.  It makes sense.  I just didn't think of it.


I suppose I should go find an iron (we have two) and the ironing board.  It doesn't look like it should take that long to do this... once I get going and just do it.

Ironing, huh?  Happy new year to me.  

But a real happy new year to YOU!  I mean it.

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