Saturday, January 8, 2011

Did I ever mention I'm a big geek?

No, really, I am.

As a kid I fought it, but I've long since come to terms with my geekiness and have even grown proud of it.  And in college, I discovered H.P. Lovecraft.  Never heard of him?  He's an American author from the early 1900s.  I've been reading his stories for a long time now (college was waaaaay too long ago), but didn't actually know much about the guy until looking him up.  Like I didn't know that his father went insane when he was three or that his grandfather introduced him to gothic horror when he was young... but it explains a lot!

Lovecraft's stuff is, to put it bluntly, pretty twisted.  He's the guy who came up with Cthulhu, the high priest of the "Great Old Ones," best described as fairly evil gods.

Cthulhu, in drawings and sculptures, has been interpreted many times.  It's even been interpreted as plush dolls.

And now?  A cell phone holder.

Yes, I am now the proud owner of a Cthulhu cell phone holder, and it's eaten my phone.

It even has a handy dandy strap on the back to be hooked around a belt.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that it's not handmade, but I simply couldn't pass it up.  It's Cthulhu!  And when I want to switch out and use a handmade cell phone holder, I've always got my pop tart!


CraftyMama said...

I just learned who Cthulhu was the other day. A friend made a Cthulhu reference while we were playing World of Warcraft and were talking about Food Network. X-D Hehe, I love nerdiness.

Larissa said...

Yay for someone who knows who Cthulhu is! I get a LOT of blank stares when I mention it.

lilmamad said...

lol I love this! I'm a pretty huge nerd too :) For instance I've knit my husband a Murloc from WOW, the other week I knit him a tiny version of the Serenity ship from Firefly....! My MIL would definitely enjoy something like this :D

Lyn said...

This is so cute. My husband would absolutely love it. I know who Cthulhu is too (I'm a little geekish).

Amy W said...

I have no idea who Cthulhu is! How do you even pronounce it? I'll say that it does make a cute cell phone holder, nonetheless!

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