Sunday, June 27, 2010

Other Successes

Like our party!

Every year, we have a Mardi Gras in June party.  Well, I say "every year," but this was the third one.  Thing is, they keep getting bigger, better, and more organized, so I know we'll keep doing them.  Plus, Cajun food is my favorite, and I've already mentioned how Eric and I love to cook & bake.  And Eric brews really good beer.

So... this year for the party, he took the freezer that he uses for his kegs, and made a wooden collar for it.  The fancy corners were done with the router I got him for Christmas.  That raised up the lid of the freezer and allowed him to run the tap lines.  The name he's chosen for his beer is Laughing Lemur, so he brewed an Extra Special Bitter and had Laughing Lemur beer to serve.  Plus, he got 1787 Abbey Single Ale from a new local microbrewery, the NJ Beer Company.  If you haven't tried their stuff, ask your local bar to get some; it's great!  The very nice guys there also gave us a tap handle to use.  We bought a chalkboard to do the "on tap" list, and I wrote it up and drew a lemur to go with it.

The theme of the party is Mardi Gras, so we went with green, gold, and purple for the tablecloths, plates, cups, and napkins.

He got to have fun boiling crawfish, which was absolutely fab!

And of course he had to make crawfish etouffee (my favorite food in the world) and cornbread!

Meanwhile, I was in charge of the pecan pies.  The one on the left was black bottom, with chocolate chunks.

Everyone had a great time!

The party sort of ran in shifts, from 3 p.m. until everyone left; the people with kiddos go there earliest, of course.  Our farthest visitor came from Massachusetts for the shindig.

This week... back to soap!

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Amy W said...

I'd pass on the crawfish, but give me the pecan pie any day!! :)

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