Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Note

We've got a new batch of our Oatmeal Honey soap on the rack, ready to go.  You'll notice, though, if you order it, that it doesn't look exactly like it does on the website (we'll be taking new photos).  That's because in the batch on the website, we used too much honey.  It didn't affect the soap's viability at all, didn't make it any less cleansing, didn't hurt anything.  But it made the soap a very dark brown and gave it a honey-colored lather that actually concerned some people.

This batch is done properly, which means it's a pale honey color with awesome tan specks in it.  Very, very pretty.  It smells amazing, and works great too.  In essence, except in the fact that it looks better, it's no different from the Reef Botanicals Oatmeal Honey soap you know and love.

And since I don't have any photos of the pretty soap yet, here are some more flowers, just to give you something else that's pretty to look at.  These are from around our neighborhood.

Happy Summer!


trusk4u said...

Beautiful flowers! In these parts it considered a "snack bar" by the deer or they got sun burned. My hydrangeas WERE lovely, but the sun got them and the deer ate my lilies!!

Larissa said...

Ah, sorry you're having such issues with them! I guess lilies aren't poisonous for deer? I know for cats & dogs they can cause liver failure.

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