Sunday, June 27, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Part Twenty-Five

This week's artist is Teri Baskett of S & T Creations.

S & T Creations is actually a partnership of two artists in Jeffersonville, IN, who've been friends for many years and making jewelry for over seven of those.  Though Teri & Saundra started off self-taught, they have since taken classes to learn various techniques and skills.  This, of course, has made their business grow, expanding into home shows, fairs, and special events.

They never make the same piece of jewelry twice, so if you purchase one, you'll never see anyone else wearing it!

Much like the fabled "shoemaker's children," though, Teri rarely designs pieces for herself.  She makes sure the majority are available for all of you.

For good measure, here are more necklaces I love.

S & T Creations also sells jewelry making supplies, though, like these.

To get to know them, be sure & check out the blog!


jewelry by NaLa said...

Gorgeous jewelry designs--very nice post!

trusk4u said...

There aren't enough adjectives to describe how lovely her jewelry is!

Linda said...

Their work is incredible, and she is as multi-faceted as many of the other artists we've blogged about. Great post.

Haffina said...

Lovely jewellery, great post.

TamsJewelry said...

Very nice Post and I love the designs.

Brenda's Wearable Art said...

Love, love, love the first one! Great post!

Christine Burgess said...

I love their pieces, especially the first one. Great post!

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