Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reef Botanicals on the Road

Mostly Rte. 80, I think.

We're participating tomorrow in the Autumn Extravaganza Arts & Crafts Show at the Minerals Resort & Spa in Vernon, NJ!

If it's like the last one we did at this spa, it promises to have some good crafters with nice wares.  We received a good response last time we were there in the Spring, so we're excited to go now that our product line has grown.

We have high hopes, so wish us luck!

Feel free to come meet us if you're in the area, where you can see, touch, and smell our stuff in person - including our new bath salts & facial scrubs.

In the meantime, don't forget our blog giveaway, which is still in progress up until my favorite holiday, Halloween!  Go here to get details and enter.  After all, free is a cool way to try something new, right?


Lyn said...

Good luck tomorrow! Wish I could enter your giveaway because your products look amazing (is it because I don't like Reeses Pieces lol??)

Larissa said...

LOL, more like the potentially killer shipping, since we're footing the bill for that. Otherwise, I love you even if you are anti-Reese's. I'm with you on the Godiva, though, so you must be ok. ;-)

Jo said...

Hope all went well, was thinking of you!
hugs xxx

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