Friday, October 8, 2010

I need to buy a lottery ticket.

No, really, Eric said so.  'Cause... y'know... I won again.


This time the prize is from Artistic Will Studios.  That's her Etsy shop, where she sells her glitter art, but she's also got a Zazzle shop for magnets and keychains featuring replicas of her original art.

When I first opened my package, I found with it this beautiful thank you card.

In taking a look at the Etsy shop, I realized that the card was handmade, because they're sold in the shop too!  I actually thought it had been purchased from the fancy shelves at Hallmark.  It's really a clean, pretty, original design.  It's got depth too, since the leaves and flowers are raised off the paper, the modern trend in fancier cards.

With the card, and encased in a bunch of bubble wrap, was this purple-wrapped package with the shop's shipping label.

Also in there was this postcard from the shop, as well as a business card.  This artist knows how to market!

... and also how to pack, since inside the purple giftwrapped package was this padded envelope.

And inside of that was this pretty organza bag.

Finally, my prize, an awesome Glitter Daisy Paperweight!

She makes each paperweight by hand painting clear acetate with multiple layers of sparkling glitter paint, and then placing the painting under glass with an acid-free paper backing and then sitting it in the metal-toned base.  There's also a selection of framed glitter art, butterfly shadowboxes, and quilled aquariums, so you really do need to check out the shop.

To learn more about the artist, her life, and what she does, check out her blog.  It's worth it!


Lyn said...

It's beautiful!!

ParadisePurls said...

Larissa, you are on a roll for sure! :) That paperweight is gorgeous. I'm a smidge jealous. :)

Larissa said...

Seriously, it's pretty crazy! They're not unreachable, though - $20 in her shop.

CraftyMama said...

Seriously, why HAVEN'T you bought a lottery ticket?? ;) Such beautiful artwork....LOVE the card!!

Larissa said...

Maybe I'll start this week... I'm kinda feeling lucky!

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