Monday, October 4, 2010

All sorts of news!

Well, the Glen Rock street fair was fab.

I face painted my little heart out while Eric and our friend Kerry sold Reef Botanicals products.  We had a really good response to the soaps and the new bath salts!  We worked hard all day, and, exhausted and famished at the end, took Kerry out for a nice dinner to thank her for all her help.  She was with us all day Saturday too, helping us to make soap and prep for the fair!  That is a good friend, for sure.

You'll have another chance to meet us soon too!  We'll be at the Crystal Springs craft fair on October 17.  We did their fair last spring and had a great time.

On another note, we've noticed that we now have 394 fans on our Facebook page.  Well, when we get to 500 fans, one random fan will be a winner!  Encourage your friends to become fans of Reef Botanicals on Facebook, so we get to 500, and that winner might be you!


Amy W said...

Yea for craft fair season!! So exhausting, but so much fun! What a blessing to have a friend to help you out too!

Larissa said...

She really is the best! Came over early Saturday & stayed 'til late, and then all day Sunday. Awesome friend.

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