Monday, March 1, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Part Nine

I've got another multitalented artist for you to check out this week!  I'd like to introduce Jan, of Jewelry by Janelle.  She designs jewelry using exotic woods, gemstones both precious and semi-precious, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and anything else that happens to strike her fancy.  She's constantly adding new items to both her Etsy shop and her Handmade Artists shop, and she takes custom orders besides!

Her forte, and what makes her most different from the other artists I've featured so far, is that she's wonderful with wood.  What she does is just beautiful.  I thought I loved this necklace, for instance.

But then I saw this one!

That one's not only beautiful, but so different and interesting too.  I'm also a big fan of these earrings.

And while her brown-toned wood items are beautiful, let's not discount her more fun and funky side, shown by this Purple Heart heart-shaped necklace.

As I said, though, it's not all wood all the time.  Sometimes she takes a break to work with other things.  Check out this Swarovski Pacific Opal and White Opal Floral Copper Necklace.

On Etsy, she's got earrings to match it too!  And I love this Snowflake Obsidioan Egyptian Fan necklace.  This one's got both a bracelet and earrings to match!

Ever a fan of crocheted jewelry, I also adore this one that she's made with copper wire and brown glass beads.

She works in other metals too!  There's chainmaille, pretty feminine jewelry, and even a touch of Steampunk.

And to round it all out, here's a tote bag she's made and is selling!

If you want to learn more about Jan, her work, and the artists she also takes the time and effort to feature, be sure to check out her blog.  There, you can read the stories behind her pieces, like this beautiful necklace made of Kingwood found in a now-defunct factory in south Florida from the 1920s and purchased by her woodworker husband on Ebay.

Go read!  There's a lot more, I promise.  You'll  learn about all sorts of wood and how she does what she does with it.


DreamBubbles said...

Wow! What a diversified and talented artist! Great post highlighting so many of her beuatiful pieces.

jewelry by NaLa said...

Jan absolutely does it all!

Mewes Mountain Arts said...

Love Jan's work! Thank you and great post!!

MakinTheBestOfIt said...

Love Jan's work! I never thought that wood could come in such a rainbow and she shows it off perfectly.

trusk4u said...

I adore her wood pieces! Great post!

Violet said...

What a great post for a beautiful display of unique pieces. This artisan is very talented indeed.

Haffina said...

She creates some fabulous pieces! Lovely post!

jewelrybyjanelle50 said...

Thank you all for the great posts! You HAF guys are the best!

Thanks Larissa, for a marvelous article and all of the great pics to showcase my items.

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