Monday, March 15, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Part Eleven

The artist I have for you this week is the wonderful Teresa Rusk of T.Rusk4u:  Handcrafted Jewelry for Every Woman.  And she'd know what "every woman" wants, too, as a happily married woman with two grown children and two rescue dogs who lived all of her life in the midwest until moving to North Carolina.

As she puts it, she's been a creative and resourceful person ever since she can remember.  Her first love of crafting came in the form of sewing, and she's tried countless others.  That's one of her tote bags, above, for sale in her WinkElf shop.  Jewelry making, which started as another hobby, grew into an obsession for her, and she keeps learning and designing.

She recently celebrated her Etsy shop's two year anniversary.

One of her trademarks is multiple-strand jewelry, which makes for some serious statement pieces.

Her simple pieces are beautiful too, though!

My favorite thing, though, is what Teresa does with wire wrapping.  It's an art in itself, sculptural and beautiful.

And my very favorite of Teresa's pieces, this bracelet.

To learn more about Teresa, her art, her family, and her home, be sure to read her blog!


trusk4u said...

Thank you so much Larissa for this wonderful post! I'm humbled and honored to say the least.

MakinTheBestOfIt said...

Her wirework is amazing! Great picks from a fantastic artist.

Melinda said...

love that bracelet!

jewelry by NaLa said...

There is something for absolutely everyone in Teresa's collection!

mooaany said...

what a gorgeous blog for Teresa, how can you not visit her site after reading this? A great showcase of her beautiful work.

jewelrybyjanelle50 said...

Great post!

Mewes Mountain Arts said...

Simply amazing! Beautiful blog post as well!!

Joan said...

Love her use of color. Cheerful!

Haffina said...

Amazing pieces, very much in awe.

Anonymous said...

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