Friday, April 20, 2012

Wanna Win a Necklace & $25?

Remember ages ago when I entered that contest that resulted in the puppet?  The one that's now the logo for Fabric of my Mind?  Well, the Handmade Artists Forum ran another contest.

I didn't enter this one.

But boy, have the entrants stepped up their game!  It was a "trashy contest," and the artists had to take something that was otherwise trash and turn it into a treasure.  You have to see the awesome stuff they made!

And if you vote on the contest (good luck choosing, it took me forever), and you comment on the blog post, you're entered to win $25 to spend at any one of the Handmade Artists Shops and this awesome necklace:

The necklace was made by a terrific artist, Lisa, of Uniqlets.

First, go vote and comment on the contest to be entered to win.  Then, if you're smart, you'll check out the other jewelry at Uniqlets.  And when you're done with that, check out the rest of the Handmade Artists Shops to see how you want to spend your potential $25!

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