Saturday, April 7, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Part Seventy-Four

Did I ever mention how completely obsessed I am with chainmaille?  I am, whether it's silver, copper, or pretty much any other metal, with or without stones, in just about any shape.  Well, the artist I've got for you this time is one heck of a designer and creator of chainmaille pieces, Andrew of Chainmaille by MBOI.

Just look at these.  Just look and marvel!

And as one of the driving forces between the Handmade Artists Forum and Handmade Artists Shop, Andrew is a true supporter of handmade.  In fact, he seeks to encourage others, and has for sale in his shop a tutorial for this cool Byzantine weave.

By the way, he and his wife Kimberly are generally just awesome people.  I know, 'cause they traipsed all the way up to north Jersey to see me in a show and I got to hang out with them.  Definitely check him out!


Dee Bibb said...

Excellent post!! I am so in love with chainmaille myself and These pieces are exquisite!!

Cari Baker said...

Hey Larissa... Andrew is a super Artist, Mentor, and Friend! And his wife Kimberly... is #1 in my book!

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Thanks for the love Larissa! Kimberly and I have a blast making chainmaille it is so nice to have a partner in crime LOL

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