Monday, September 19, 2011

Got Kids? Know kids?

I have discovered the best ever gift, for kids, adults... or heck, myself.  Handmade wooden puzzles!  I won mine, but I'll definitely be buying more.  This is the one I chose...

And believe it or not, this was the small version.  Here's the big version:

Because it's a couple layers, Charles Hamm, the brains behind Hammcrafted, can hide treasures... like this chest.

Fun, right?  The one I got is two layers too, and this is the bottom layer.

Despite the fact that I won this and didn't even buy it, it was sent to me giftwrapped in tissue with a beautiful band.  It seriously could be sent directly to the recipient of a gift and I wouldn't have to worry that it would fail to impress.

Of course, mine wasn't a gift for anyone.  It's staying at our house so when the kiddies come visit we have stuff for them to do.  So I got to play with it.

The pieces fit together nicely, and kids could actually play with the animals, which stand on their own due to the thickness of the wood.

I even like the branding on the back, but I'm goofy like that.

For children, besides this undersea puzzle, he's also got African safari and forest puzzles, in both large and small sizes.  You can see those on his site or in his Etsy shop.

But in those places, you can also see his jigsaw puzzles, which are absolutely amazing.  Initially, I thought this one was cool.

Foxes!  But then I saw this vintage style Wizard of Oz one, and I skipped a breath.

Isn't that phenomenal?  The one that had both me and Eric say "wow" out loud in unison, though, was this one.


Anyway, I'm impressed and want to keep up with him, so I "liked" his Facebook page.  Meanwhile, if you read up on him in his blog, which you can get to from his primary site, you'll see that he's in school learning how to make furniture.  Phenomenal!

Anyway, this is one thing I won that made me "YES!" out loud (and get a weird look from Eric until he saw it in person) 'cause I just knew it'd be great.  And it is.  Seriously, I'm a huge fan.

And on an entirely different note... tomato!

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