Sunday, September 25, 2011


I have socks!  I mean, I had socks... but now I have my very first pair of hand-knit socks, and they're awesome.  They were made by Gina Dahl, of Dahlish Knits.

Based on these, I highly recommend her shop, and may very well buy some more myself!  I didn't actually buy these, though.  She hosted a giveaway on her blog earlier this month and I won!  The funniest part?  She used a D&D die to choose the winner.  Geeky as I am, that's so fitting.

Like a glove!  Or... y'know... a sock.  And they're so soft.


lilmamad said...

Yay!!!! I'm so glad they arrived safe & sound :D Glad that you like them!

trusk4u said...

You lucky dog! Those socks are awesome! :)

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