Friday, March 25, 2011

Cake Decorating: Class Two, Day Two

We actually had homework for this class, to cover another larger "cake" tier (read:  styrofoam) with fondant.  I learned a few things:

1.  Pay attention to the calendar.  On Monday night, I was frantic to get it done for Tuesday's class, not realizing it was actually for Thursday's class.

2.  If you have fondant that's been opened, even if it's in a plastic bag you think is sealed, check it out before you start kneading it.  Unbeknownst to me, the bad had torn a bit, and the fondant on that side had hardened to a rock.  It was just along the edge, and I didn't need all the fondant, but it was definitely rocky.  And I didn't think to check it.  So when I started kneading, I found that I was kneading pebbles throughout my fondant, which was really annoying.  I tried to pick them out, but there were a lot so I gave up.  It meant lumps in my fondant and an inability to roll it as thin as I should have, but no one was eating it anyway, so I just rolled with it.

Behold the homework:

See the white spots?  Yeah, fondant pebbles.

I brought it to class anyway.  And here's what I did with it...

I love fleur de lis, and I love the whole Mardi Gras theme!  And those appliqués in between are textured too.

And then I finished off the top tier.

Together, it looks like this.

Not bad, right?  Not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad.  And yes, this was a Topsy Turvy class.  And no, the cake's not topsy turvy.  Vanessa did give us styrofoam to form a wedge to make it topsy turvy, but I don't have any dowels for it.  And honestly, the fondant at this point is hard as a rock.  I'm not sure I could get a dowel through it to hold the cake together.  So I just get a two-tier cake and the knowledge of how to make it topsy turvy.

Eric has requested, and I think I'd love to try, a topsy turvy Mardi Gras themed cake for our annual Mardi Gras in June party.  How awesome would that be?!


Amy W said...

I'd say you're ready to take on the real deal! Great job, Larissa!!

Mrs. G said...

The cake looks great!

DANA said...

You made it into the finals at Saturday Mornings! Here is the link:

Voting will begin tonight! I will send you a button to display and prizes will be announced when voting starts! Good luck!

DANA said...

Voting started tonight! Remember, you are one of finalists for Best of March 2011 at Saturday Mornings! Congrats again, there were over 700 entries! Here is the link to the voting area, and be sure to grab your button on the right sidebar at the very bottom to display here and drive your readers to vote! Good luck!

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