Friday, August 27, 2010

I won!

Remember this guy?  Thanks to everyone who voted in the shirt revamping contest on the Handmade Artists' Forum blog, I won!  I'm so excited.

The original contest is here, and the post about my win (and an interview with yours truly) is here.  This really plays to the attention hound in me.  

I was up against some pretty cool competition too!

Eclectic LadyLand did a very cool job making a shirt much nicer with some simple bleach.

AnnMadeStuff turned this vintage shirt into a great purse, and used the shirt's pocket as a cell phone pocket!

Calcedonia Design actually turned a single t-shirt into a hat, necklace, and bracelet!

Deb Thuman did some really intricate embellishment on a formerly plain shirt.

Greenwycke turned this plain ol' shirt into a totally original parasol!

And Crafted Roots, who was wonderful enough to organize this contest turned a nursing shirt into a skirted nightie!


CraftyMama said...

Great post!!!! :D

Jennifer Young said...

Contragulations!!!! xo Jen

trusk4u said...

Congratulations Larissa! Your puppet is so cute!

Amy W said...

Congratulations!! Looks like there were lots of creative entries! :)

alyssha lynn said...

I am so glad you won! Not only was a super idea, but you did such an amazing job on it! Congrats!

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