Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I Bought

Remember this contest on the Handmade Artists Forum, for which I made this puppet?

And how I won the contest?

Well, part of the prize was $25 in cash.  Since it was "found money," I decided to spend it frivolously, and buy something from another HAF member.  It took a while to decide, but finally settled on this awesome bracelet.

It's the creation of Deezie, and it's made from silver, sea glass, beads, vintage buttons, and shells.  As a kid, I was very into collecting shells and anything made from shells, and in fact I still have my entire collection, so this bracelet really called to me.  I got it today!

The details on it are really something else.  She used the most interesting bits of glass, beads, and buttons!

Isn't that great?  You're jealous, I know you're jealous.  There's a lot more in her shop, though.  Check her out!


Amy W said...

Yes, it's gorgeous!! So unique & fun!

Larissa said...

Thanks, I love it!

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