Thursday, August 12, 2010

He's got a name!

This guy,

has been dubbed Nathaniel by my sister.  My nephew's two favorite stuffed animals are also named after authors, so based on his reaction to the puppet, she figured it was fitting.  He smushed Nathaniel's head and arms, pulled his hair, grabbed his nose, and loved being "kissed" by him and having his arms, legs, and belly "eaten" by him.

Wanna know how I made him?  Look here.

And don't forget, he's part of a contest, which is located here.  If you vote and comment on the post, you are in the running to win a $25 gift certificate to anything in the Handmade Artists' Shops, located here.


Handmade Artists' Forum said...

My second son is named Nathaniel, it is a small world.

Larissa said...

LOL, after Hawthorne?

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