Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Our newest hot process soap is made with strongly brewed coffee and premium coffee grounds.  Coffee is said to be great for cooks and anyone else who works with pungent scents, as the coffee absorbs fish, meat, gas, and garlic smells.  The coffee grains we've mixed in are a natural exfoliant, and for the recipe's liquid, we used a strong fresh-brewed coffee, giving it a faint coffee scent.

The lather from this soap is rich, and results in hands that feel moisturized and comfortable.

We've created both bath bars and hand soaps.  The hand soaps are in the form of soap balls, each separately hand-rolled, and not created with a mold.

Each soap comes packaged, as do all of our soaps, in an ivory organza bag, tied with a ribbon and finished with our label  tag.

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