Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The New Face of Hand Soap

As I posted the other day, my sister and brother-in-law got us the best Chanukah/Christmas gift! Well, the new Ginger Soap is busy curing, so we were able to change up how we do our hand soaps while they're still soft.

Previously, you'll recall, we were making plain, albeit hand-rolled and cute, soap balls, like so:

Those are the Fudge Chunk.  We don't have many right now, so they're not on the site.  At any rate, our new design for hand soaps is much better.  It looks like this:

How adorable is that?  Each hand soap made from today forward will now be marked with a cat paw, making it somewhat flatter and easier to handle.  Our other hand soap varieties will be replaced with these as the stock runs out.

I really am so excited about these it's silly already.  I can't help it; they're just too cute!  Each is 1.5 oz, and would make great guest soaps.  Now if only they'd cure faster... did I mention I'm not a patient person?

Look for them on the site soon!

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