Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something Funny

The other night, Eric was surfing the web, looking for more soap recipe ideas.  Mind you, we don't steal the recipes of others, we just get ideas, modify them, and make up our own.  We're like mad scientists that way.


At any rate, in surfing, he found this:

It's basically:
50% olive oil
25% coconut oil
25% palm oil

This recipe will make about 3 lbs. of soap.

Now, that is, in fact, a super simple soap recipe.  Only thing is, it's a little too simple.  See, there's no mention of water or sodium hydroxide.  I promise you, mixing three oils in a bowl, even in those ratios, will not give you soap.  If you attempt to wash with this mixture, you will not be clean, you will be an oily mess.  I swear.

And there's another problem.  50%, 50%, 25% give you three pounds of soap.  Um... does that mean if I use 2 tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of coconut oil, and one tablespoon of palm oil, I get THREE POUNDS of soap?  Cool!  That's... like... the cheapest, easiest soap ever!  We could have a lifetime supply of soap on one bottle of each ingredient!  OK, maybe two bottles of olive oil.

So we did get a good chuckle.  Of course, once you click on the link provided and go here: you get the full (albeit sparse) recipe.  It was just funny to see ratios of oils listed, nothing else, and no measurements, with a claim that the non-recipe yields 3 lbs of soap.  The folks at need to work on their summary-drafting skills, I think.

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