Friday, August 8, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Part One Hundred and Seven

I could be wrong, but I don't think you've met Monika of MyEuropeanTouch here before.

You'll note that her banner says "mosaic art," but that may be an understatement.  This woman is an artist with a capital ART.

A mosaic artist for 10 years, she's been working with different mediums quite literally all her life.  Mosaic is natural for her, though.  Growing up in Germany shortly after WWII, she watched her parents reuse, recycle, and reinvent.

She's come a long way since post-WWII Germany; her work has been seen on HGTV!  But on to more mosaics!

Would you believe she's completely self-taught?!  It's not just about the mosaics, though, no matter what her banner says.  This chick's got serious talent.  And she's come a long way since her childhood, knitting, crocheting, and sewing clothing for her dolls.

She still experiments with her diverse talents and the many types of art that have been a constant presence in her life.  Even the fine arts, which I love because it's close to my heart too.

Wanna know where else you can find her?  Try her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and her About Me page.


myeuropeantouch said...

Oh thank you Larissa, you really, really made me blush....
I think I have earned bragging rights about this one...NOT...
Seriously, thank you...;o)♥

Unknown said...

Larissa, great feature about a very talented special lady!

Unknown said...

Great post love her work

Unknown said...

Monika's art work is so beautiful and unique. Great feature Larissa!

Unknown said...

What a great post Larissa. Monika is truly an artist of the finest sort. Not only is she talented bu she is also very very kind.

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