Saturday, November 10, 2012

Flossie the Cow... Sixteen Times Over

I took individual photos of the cows I made since each one's a bit different, and here they are!

 This is the one I gave to a friend at work.  Cows are her favorite animal, and she's been great to me since I started there.  She said she wanted to buy one, but no way was I going to charge her.  She's been too awesome, looking out for me.

 These three are listed in the toy section of Fabric of My Mind.

I love how this one looks so direct, like a good friend who's about to tell you something important.

And this one with the pinkish purple eyes looks so inquisitive!

While this cutie looks kind of needy, like a puppy.

Two of the rest are going to my nephews for Chanukah and Christmas, and the other ten to my fellow cast and crew members.

So... who wants one?

1 comment:

lisianblue Kris said...

Larissa, they are all adorable, each one has a unique personality - just had a thought - what about embroidering eyes similar to how you have the noses done, but with eyelashes too - so it looks like it's eyes are closed. they are all so cute and I love the picture of all of them together!

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