Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poultry in Motion

Did I mention I've been in a show?  Poultry in Motion is a fun take-off on the Chicken Little Story, and I'm playing Henny Penny!  We've been having a ton of fun, and today are our last two performances.

Yes, two.  Children's shows are under an hour, and so we have two performances each day.

At any rate, immediately following our final performance and the subsequent strike of our set will be the cast party.  Waaaaaaaaaay back during rehearsals, I "called" cupcakes.  Glad I did, too, since someone else asked to be the cupcake-bringer a day or two ago.  But see, I'd seen these, and just knew they were too perfect.  Chicks for Chicken Little, right?!

So... my rendition.

I didn't burnish the edges to make them all smooth, but I think they're adorable.  It would've been tough, because underneath the fondant "cracked shell," I used vanilla buttercream instead of a fondant disc on my chocolate cupcakes.

I measured and cut my fondant circles with a wine glass that was just about the right size, and cut the "cracks" in advance of placing them on the cupcakes.  It made them a little more difficult to transfer to the cakes, but if I'd cut them on the buttercream, they'd have stuck.

Then it was just a matter of making yellow and orange fondant, forming the body and head balls, making those tiny cone beaks, and doing the combs.  The hardest part?  The combs.  The fondant wanted to stick to the knife and drag.

And then, since I don't have a black food marker, just the "bright" colors, I gave them all nice blue eyes.

Adorable, right?  Adorable.

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Amy W said...

Adorable, Larissa!!! Truly adorable!

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