Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beer Garden

For Valentine's Day, I got Eric a beer-themed gift.  In addition to this shirt and this beer yeast stuffed animal,

I got him this beer garden to grow.  I really do love ThinkGeek.  And he loved his gift.  Well, on Tuesday, he finally pulled it out and planted the hops.  After soaking the barley and wheat per the instructions, he planted those Wednesday.  The hops, which were planted first?

Nothing yet.

But you see those shoots in the backrgound?  Barley & wheat!  Already!  Look.



At the rate those two are going, it's likely that while I've typed this post, they've doubled in size.

So why am I telling you about this?  Because you get to hold Eric accountable to taking care of this garden.  Now it can't be neglected, or we'll have to tell you all.

(He says this makes me accountable too, but nuh-uh!  I've got a brown thumb!)

Update:  I think these things might take over our bodies in the middle of the night.  They have to be alien plants.  They're getting so huge so fast we can practically watch them grow.  Look!

I mean, look at this guy!

He's already sprouting!

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