Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Honor of the Oscars: A Creative Friend

I have this friend, Paul.  He lives in MA and apparently hosts an amazing Oscar party every year; Eric and I have never been to it.  He's brilliant, though, and based on the "virtual invitation" we received this year, I can only imagine what the real party's like.  With what he sent, though, we're having our own version here in NJ!

Catimus is wearing Eric's glasses, but she's more stylin' than he is anyway.  The fun part is that they flash lights in various patterns.  So fashion-forward!

The glasses were sent by Paul in a whole virtual Oscars party pack that was in this cool bag, which is currently sitting between us on the couch.

In that bag, was also a personalized movie reel tin holding the invitation, explanation, ballot, and our VIP party passes, together with Oscar mints.

And how cute are these awards he sent us?!

And when the Oscars start, he'll be asking trivia questions on Facebook, for prizes.  Awesome!

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