Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Perfect for Spring!

Garden Party soap, I mean.

I previously posted about this soap here, but we didn't yet have a photo.  This soap is a favorite, with a wonderful creamy lather and two spa-quality clays - red and yellow kaolin.  The clays are suitable for all skin types, pulling the toxins from your skin.  The bar is scented with geranium and sweet orange essential oils, for a terrific, light floral and fruity scent, perfect for the season.

How amazing would this soap be when included in a floral gift basket with a pale blue-lavender lilac candle, a Romance fizzy bath bar, and a Heaven Scent salt scrub?  This would be the perfect Mother's Day gift, but there are only two days left for our sale!

If you miss it, you might just need to get these for a birthday gift... or, y'know, yourself.


Anonymous said...

I think handmade soap is one of the best gifts.
Especially pretty with your presentation.

Larissa said...

Wow, thank you! We try!

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