Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogs I Follow: The Flying Chef

Like many of you, I'm a blog-follower.  In fact, I follow a lot of blogs.  I may not read every post of every blog as they show up in my Blogger Reading List, and sometimes when I've skipped or missed posts, I may go back and read them later.  Or I may not read them at all if they seem not to be of interest to me or I simply don't have time.  But I do follow a lot of blogs and I like to read them.  I've always been a voracious reader, so this makes sense.  In fact, the appearance of blogs into my life is a wonderful thing; I'm someone who used to joke that I'd read the box of cereal if nothing else was around.

So I thought it was time to mention some of the blogs I read and call your attention to them, especially if they don't yet seem to have a lot of followers.  Get the word out, as it were.

Today, I thought I'd tell you about The Flying Chef.  The author is a woman named Heather, who lives in Pennsylvania, and I don't know her but I do like her.  It's kind of a given that I'd like someone who's a fan of antiquing, tea parties, classic rock, Jane Austen, Paris, and Beetlejuice.  I mean, really.  Plus, the banner has a witch!

Her blog started off as a sort of advertising medium for her impending webstore for kitchen gadgets and hostess gifts, but real life has gotten in the way and put that endeavor on hold for her.  I honestly don't know at this point whether she still intends to open the store, but it doesn't matter.  She keeps her blog current and there's a lot of good stuff on there.

Plus, she's got an in-real-life Craftique booth at the Seabase Shopping Center on Pittsburgh Street in Greenberg, PA.

Back to the blog, though.  She's got some great decorating ideas there, like her idea to decorate her bay window with real pine and use scrapbook paper as placemats.  There's also some incredibly random but cute stuff, great hosting tips, amazing-sounding recipes, lots of good information about various ways to help others, housekeeping tips, and bits of her own childhood.

The funniest thing is that she also posted a photo of her puppies, just like I did mine!

And she cares about health and keeping things natural, the same way Reef Botanicals does.

One last plug, check out one of the cute things she shows you how to make:

Isn't that great?  And she featured Reef Botanicals too!  Definitely check her out!


Anonymous said...

You rock! Thanks so much!
Life has gotten in the way and I hope to open my little store but, stay posted. I attend Penn State at night and have a full-time job.
Funny you mention Beetlejuice. My Dad nicknamed me Lydia from the movie. I do love Halloween. Thanks for the shout out and take care.

Amy W said...

Are those gumdrop boobs??? LOL!

Anonymous said...

They are gumdrop boobs!
Lets just say they are a great conversation starter! It is a riot to see who picks what first! LOL! People really get a kick out of it!

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