Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another Day with the Hives

Checked out our girls again today, again with happy results, mostly.

The Pooh hive is doing really, really well, building out honeycomb to the outer frames of foundation, but they haven't touched the honey super yet.  We really hope they notice it soon and start building!  Without honeycomb to fill... no honey in them!

Then, the Fish hive, which is also doing amazingly well, so well and so quickly that we added a honey super there too!  Fingers crossed!

The Wonderland hive is also doing well, but I have to apologize, because I'm a twit.  I forgot to charge the camera battery, and it died at the very beginning of the inspection.  Sorry 'bout that.  But they've got about 60% of the frames of their second brood box built out with honeycomb, and the brood looks good.  Not bad, since they consisted of just 4 built-out frames when we split them off from the Pooh hive, and considering the fact that we worried about them swarming and/or losing their queen.

So nice to have an uneventful inspection with the girls not finding a way to scare us!

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