Sunday, July 6, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Part One Hundred and Five

You've met lapidary John Rasmussen here before, but there's always room to show you some of the new creations in Rasmussen Gems, the shop where he and his bead-maven of a wife sell their wares.

I've always had an affinity for blue topaz... my favorite color's blue, so that's easily explained.

It's probably why I'm drawn to this necklace & earrings set too.  Then again, I do love ruby, my birthstone, and I've never seen ruby with green in it before!

Ah, who'm I kidding.  I just like color.  Lots of color.

Or not much color, for that matter.  I've got a thing for plain ol' copper.  Though I'm not sure I'd call this copper pendant "plain."

Want more?  Check out the shop or blog.


myeuropeantouch said...

Nicely done, Larissa, shared and promo-ed...

Unknown said...

Great post

Unknown said...

a great post on a great shop....beautiful items. :0)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful post about us and our shop.


Unknown said...

Awesome post for John and Debra. Love all the jewelry you picked to feature.

Unknown said...

Sweet and to the point! Nice :)

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