Monday, April 8, 2013

New Stuff - And a Mother's Day Pre-Sale!

Eric and I have been seriously busy.  We've got a new spring line of candles that smell just amazing and are gorgeous too!  We've gone with a new look, that we sort of started with the Home for the Holidays candles for the winter season.  We like color.  Love color.  So we've given each candle two of them!  The colors, of course, go with the scent.  First, I'll introduce you to the new kids in the shop, and I'll get to the sale in a minute.  So take a look...

Country Garden

These are pale yellow and a pretty pink/lavender, and scented with our own gorgeous blend of hyacinth and honeysuckle.  Seriously awesome.  The 9" pillar is here, the square pillars here, 3" pillars here, votives here, and tea lights here.

Ginger Peach

These pretty candles smell exactly like they sound, and like they look - ginger and peach!  Fresh and fruity, with a bit of spice.  Awesome.  The 9" pillar is already sold, but the square pillars are here, 3" pillars are here, votives are here, and tea lights are here.  Getting the two colors actually requires three pours of wax and close attention to temperature, and we've got it down to a science at this point!

Cucumber Cantaloupe

These are the most colorful of the new line, in light green and pale orange, and for those who aren't into the flowers, these are also the freshest and most fruity.  It's a great, clean scent.  And all of our new line of candles have a pretty, rustic, mottled look.  You can find the 9" pillar here, the square pillars here, the 3" pillars here, and the votives here.

Eastern Serenity

These are the least colorful of the new line, but in our opinion, the most amazing.  With a very subtle color, half cream and half a very, very light peach, the impact of these candles is in the scent... sandalwood and jasmine.  It was Eric's idea to try it, and wow, did he come up with a winner.  I can't even describe what this smells like, other than to say it's incredible.  I wish I could do a scratch-n-sniff post for you, I really do.  The cool thing, too, to me at least, is that both sandalwood and jasmine are from Asian countries, both highly valued, and both used in various rituals.  You know I like things with a story like that.  The 9" pillar is already sold, but the square pillars are here, 3" pillars here, votives here, and the tea lights are here.

The amusing thing is that Eric loves sandalwood, and to me it's too musky, a little dusty.  But I love jasmine, which Eric finds too flowery.  With these, each scent cuts and complements the other just enough to make it work for both of us.  A friend of ours, who's also not a jasmine fan but likes sandalwood, commented that he liked it because the floral was cut with the wood, and that it's good for both men and women as a result.

Personally, I think these all are perfect for Mother's Day, which leads me to the pre-Mother's Day SALE.  Finally!

From now until midnight on April 21 (a full two weeks), we'll be offering 10% off all candles at Reef Botanicals, plus you'll want to browse the rest of the shop, because there's free shipping on all orders over $35, including gift baskets.  The adjustment for a refund of shipping charges will be made by me through PayPal after the sale has been completed.

Happy shopping!

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Pam Andrews said...

That is a great sale and the candles look amazing. I can just imagine the scents. I am seriously gonna have to find some extra cash.

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

they look great...I love the colors.

Anne-Marie said...

I love all your new candles. They are very modern, yet rustic look and I bet they are going to sell so well! =)

Colette said...

These look amazingly beautiful, and I imagine they must smell soooooo good!!

Krista Low said...

These candles look amazing! Ginger peach would smell wonderful I'm sure!

KC Coake said...

What beautiful candles! They sounds like they smell fantastic.
Thanks so much for linking up at the Real Family Fun link party! Hope to see you next week.

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