Sunday, July 8, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Part Eighty-Five

Wow, 85 artist highlights I've brought you.  Not bad.  Today's is a new one on this blog, HippiesCreations.

The shop is on HAF, but it's based in Central Virginia.  The artist behind Hippie's Creations was raised near Frankfurt, Germany, with a diverse upbringing.  She started crafting as a child and crocheting at 17.  This is the focus of her HAFshop, and look.  The sheer diversity of what she makes is really something else.

I love her hat styles, like these two summer hats.  The one with the floppy brim is just adorable!

And her clothing is so cute!  I don't think I've ever seen a crocheted mini skirt before!

Another new one for me is this star-shaped baby afghan.  So cute!

She's got ultra useful stuff too, like this purse, laptop sleeve, and coffee cozies.

And on the other end of the spectrum are these stuffed sheep and monster, aren't necessarily necessary, but holy crow are they cute!  That monster face!

She's also been woodburning since 2005, making hemp jewelry since 2004, and fine jewelry since 2006.  I'm kind of hoping to see that stuff in her HAFshop too!  She draws, paints in watercolor, and uses polymer clay.  She makes me look single-faceted!

In between all that, she's a mom of 4 boys, one old enough that he's in the armed forces, and the youngest a special needs kiddo who's 8.  And while doing all this crafting and raising her four boys, this amazing woman had obtained her BA in accounting and MA in mental health counseling.  The woman is an inspiration!


John Rasmussen said...

Very nice presentation for Hippies Creations, Larissa. You selected some great pieces to display.

Debbie Rodgers said...

Great post! Lots of really cute items!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

so many great items....

Marilyn said...

Her work is quite impressive. Love, love, love the baby afghan.

Cari Baker said...

Excellent Crochet Artist… Come on now, you gotta love that sheep! LOL Fabulous Larissa, enjoyed reading your post!

Nancy Pace said...

Wonderful post! I love that green purse!

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