Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Part Seventy

An even 70!  Well, for the 70th artist I'm featuring, I've got someone you've met before here, John Rasmussen of Rasmussen Gems & Jewelry.  The quality of gems in this shop is breathtaking.  Just take a look at this incredible topaz.

Or this beautiful sapphire.  My favorite color is blue, so I'm kind of obsessed with these.

He cuts and polishes the stones, too, and turns them into beautiful pendants, like this wonderful obsidian.

Or this terrific tourmalated quartz.

The colors in that quartz are terrific too.  Grey and yellow is such an "in" color combo right now.

The settings he does for his more intricate jewelry are incredible and unique.  Much of it is set in sterling and fine silver, like this labradorite.

And this amethyst.

Or this quartz & citrine piece, or the amazing Padaradscha sapphire in the other one.

His silver work is even beautiful without stones, like this Jewish star forged from a single sheet of sterling.

Then again, he doesn't need silver to make beautiful jewelry either.  I'm in love with his copper pieces, like this amethyst and copper bracelet.

Or these forged copper pieces sans stones.

And let's not forget his wife, Debora Lee, who adds her beading talent to the wares of the shop.

For more information, be sure to follow the blog.


our home to yours said...

They make some amazing pieces!!!

Colette said...

Wonderful! I love all the gems as well.

Sandi Levy said...

The sheer variety of pieces John creates just blows me away! Wonderful post!

MakinTheBestOfIt said...

amazing picks...and I am still drooling over that copper piece. He really does have an eye for gems and combinations.

Cari Baker said...

Hi Larissa.. Fabulous photos... I want that Pink Topaz! John and Debora amaze me still!

John Rasmussen said...

thank you all.

TamsJewelry said...

Love his pendants! Of course his wife's work is very beautiful also!

lilmamad said...

Awesome pieces you picked out to feature! They are so talented!

myeuropeantouch said...

Groan....I am with the wrong crowd....LOL
I love Gemstones....♥

Teresa Rusk said...

Both are very talented people, no doubt! I like every piece I see by them.

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