Sunday, November 6, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Part Sixty-Two

Today's artist is Cari, of CrochetHooked.  From Lakewood, CA, she taught herself to crochet about 11 years ago, and over the years has made baby clothes, hats, lapel pins, scarves, and jewelry.  In 2005, while working in a craft store, she started teaching crocheting to students.  Around the same time, she discovered an ability to crochet with wire and beads, and has since created and branded Braidlets, which are beaded wire crocheted beaded bracelets.

To make these, she uses a crochet hook, artistic wire, and Japanese seed beads or Swarovski Crystals.

Using variations on the theme, she's got stuff appropriate for holidays and weddings too.

She's also got a series of zodiac charm bracelets.  My personal favorite, of course, is Leo.

Plus, there are the bracelet and earring sets... or just earrings on their own.

You can find these and more in her Handmade Artists Shop and her Etsy Shop.  Or you can just get to know her on her blog.


Cari Baker said...

Hi Larissa,

Wow! Thank you very much for the feature!

Colette said...

What a great post! I love her braidlets.

TamsJewelry said...

Very beautiful creations!

trusk4u said...

Great post as ususal! Her work is so fun and orginal! Love it!

lilmamad said...

I love the unique idea of crocheted jewelry! She does amazing work!

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