Monday, October 10, 2011

Something Different

I wouldn't normally talk to you on this blog about non-handmade stuff.  For instance, while I'll tell you about my face painting, soap, sewing, knitting, and even sometimes my face painting and baking, I don't really talk here about my law practice.

But this is about a potential free iPad or iPod for you.

And see, my law practice is really local.  If you're not in NJ, it's not going to matter to you.  This is different.  This is nationwide... and it's Eric's.  And I'm kind of really excited about it.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but in addition to the soap and candles, beer brewing and cooking, Eric's got a "day job" too.

He's in IT (computer stuff).

When I met him, he was running his own company in Brooklyn, and just when we started dating, he got hired out from under himself by one of his corporate clients.  They needed a good computer guy, especially one familiar with both Apple and PC products, and he fit the bill.  So he went with it.

Turns out, he much prefers to be his own boss.  So after almost 3 years there and over 12 years total in IT, he's taken the leap and struck out on his own again!  He is now Logical Lemur IT.  I love the name.  I love the concept.  And I love the theme of his branding.  I'm a big geek, and look!

Dude!   The periodic table!  And  yeah, I hated chemistry as much as the next person, but I learned the periodic table from Mr. Merics in 8th grade science and I loved Mr. Merics.  Plus, doesn't it lend itself so nicely to the categories?  That's the postcard he had made, but if you check out the site, you'll see those boxes are navigation buttons.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because you might need him.  Seriously, this is nationwide.  He can do most things remotely.  And if he needs a tech to show up in person, he can do that or get one to do so, wherever you are.

For businesses of at least 3 users, he's offering unlimited monthly support.  For residential, he's offering a monthly home protection plan.  I'm not going to repeat all the info that's on the site here, because that would be silly.  Feel free to poke around and contact him with any questions.

Yes, yes, enough.  I mentioned that Free iPad or iPod and you want to know what on earth I was talking about, right?

If you look on the site, specifically here, you can see the details on how to get one, but the basics are these:  If you refer a business client of at least 3 users and it signs up for service, you get an iPod.  If you refer a client of at least 30 users, you get an iPad.  So do yourself a favor... think about the business you work for, the businesses you used to work for, the businesses you deal with, and friends with businesses or in businesses.  Because who couldn't use a free iPad or iPod?  Am I right?

OK, nerdiness done.  For now.

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