Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Use Real Soap

Seriously, I'm surprised they needed a study for this, because to me it's common sense.  Antibacterial cleansers are bad for you.

I knew that.

I've always tried to avoid them as much as possible.  It's impossible to avoid them entirely, since they're in every public bathroom and the supermarket selection of non-antibacterial cleansers is rather limited.

But then we started making soap.  Real soap.  Y'know... this stuff...

It's common sense to me that constant use of antibacterial cleansers and other products will mess with our immune systems.  Our design, human design, is actually pretty ingenious.  We're built to fight off disease.  Sure, there are ones with which we need help... I'll never say anyone shouldn't get a polio vaccine.  But constantly using antibacterial hand sanitizers after touching a phone or a doorknob?  Not the best idea.  Our bodies cannot build immunities to germs unless we come into contact with them first.  That, I remember from basic science way back when.

Yes, this means you may get a cold.  But then, guess what?  You body builds antibodies to that particular cold germ, making it difficult, if not impossible, for you to ever succumb to that particular type of germ again.


And no, I'm no doctor.  But ask your doctor if that's how it works.  Because that's what I remember from what may have been 9th grade biology or may have been stuck in my head at some point before that.

So this study's interesting to me.  It seems to confirm that all these antibacterial products (shocking) lower our immunities and increase sensitivity to allergies.


I know a lot of people who have complained that their allergies get worse as they age or that something's happening in the atmosphere that allergies seem to be getting worse year after year... must be a change in the way plants grow and produce pollen or increased pollution or something.

Or maybe it's just that they're more sensitive to all the allergens that were already there, simply because they insist on constantly sanitizing themselves?


I'm inclined to think yes.

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