Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We left the windows open last night because we are just having the most tremendous weather.

This morning when I woke up, it was absolutely beautiful outside, the breeze making the curtains puff and sway, the air was warm, and life was good.

I hopped in the shower and, bound on starting my day off right, started with Heaven Scent scrub first.  Then Some Hair Dew, and a wash-up with Smooth Operator (yes, I used it as bath soap!)

Hopped back out to find that someone had emailed me a link to this video:

So I watched it as I got dressed.  I think those have to be the most well-trained dogs ever!  And the song is just so fitting for this day!

I even smiled all the way to Motor Vehicles this afternoon!  And wow, the MVC (in NJ, it's no longer DMV, it's now Motor Vehicle Commission) has changed since I was a kid and first got my license.  Everyone was pleasant and helpful, I was in & out with my duplicate registration card in under ten minutes, zipped around the corner to the inspection area, and left with a bright, shiny, new purple sticker that says my car is A-OK until 2011!

Resisted the temptation to stop at Carvel's ice cream, got myself some lunch, and am now typing this from my backyard (I love this laptop) picnic table, with Meg beside me, just chillin'.  According to the Weather Channel Website, it's 91F, but feels like 87 with the breeze.

Oh, how I wish it would stay precisely like this through the summer!  This is roller skating weather!  Bike riding weather!  Walk the dog and enjoy it weather!

It's perfection.

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