Monday, February 8, 2010


Our new shampoo is, anyway.

Yup, a second option for you.  And me.  We had a request for a shampoo made with chamomile, which is reputed to control dandruff.  Plus, I wanted one with less of the butters.  So we've done it!  This shampoo is made with chamomile tea, cocoa butter (no shea - or nuts of any kind, actually), various oils for a great lather, honey, sea kelp for elasticity (in your hair, not the soap) and hair health, and tea tree oil.  And it's scented with eucalyptus, for a really nice mix with the tea tree.

Yet another success!  And I'll have photos for you tomorrow.


The Guy's Perspective said...

This sounds nice. Love Tea Tree oil. Isn't that pretty strong smelling though? I seem to recall my wife and I used it to repel "bugs" when they were going around my daughter's pre-school class.

Larissa said...

It's definitely not a weak smell, and not everyone loves it, but with the eucalyptus, it's really nice. It's a "wakes me up in the morning and makes sure my nose isn't stuffy" kind of smell. I'm definitely a fan.

Michelle Heffner said...

Hey Larissa - how long can we expect a bar to last? I have mid-back length hair and I was it 2-3 times a week.


Larissa said...

My hair is long - also mid-back or maybe a little longer, and I'm using a smaller bar than the ones we sell (and I share with Eric, but he's got short hair)... and I'm pretty sure we're just at the end of the chunk we started over 6 weeks ago.

The trick is that you don't grind it into your head (which took some practice for me!) and don't actually need much to get all the lather. My hairdresser actually asked me, "Does it ever diminish?" because we gave him a bar. He does want more now, though. He's got shorter hair.

A friend of mine with pretty long hair just ordered more on Friday, and he got his first bar in early February.

Larissa said...

I forgot to mention (yeah, even with that dissertation there's something I forgot) that I wash my hair EVERY DAY.

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